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About bookbee

bookbee is a site that aims to assist authors with marketing and sales tools to help sell books worldwide.

How much does bookbee cost?

bookbee is free! Some of our links contain affiliate codes to help pay for development and hosting costs but there is no cost to you or the book purchaser for using the service.

Can I earn affiliate commissions on links generated on bookbee?

At the moment our system does not process affiliate links added to the url. It operates on a very simplified process so affiliate codes are not passed to the final url.

Do I need to login and/or create an account to use the service?

No, we want to keep this as simple as possible so no login is required you can simply use the url format on your own site and social media.

Which stores does bookbee create links for?

Right now we support links to all of the Amazon global stores: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, Brazil, China, Japan, Egypt, Mexico, India, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Turkey.
In the future we will be adding support for stores in countries where Amazon does not have a presence.

How is bookbee different from other Universal book link services?

The aim with bookbee was to create a simple service that does not require account creation or logins. Our links are not shortened with unique codes and just use the ISBN or ASIN number. There is no link verification so the service can run as fast as possible with low technical overhead.

Who runs bookbee ?

bookbee was created and developed by who have been designing and building websites for authors and the wider publishing industry for over twenty years.

Can I create customised short links?

No, the service does not use short links of any kind. To keep things simple and flexible we just use the ISBNor ASIN number as the unique identifier on each url. This means that you can swap out any Amazon url with a bookbee url if you just retain the ISBN or ASIN part of your existing url.

Which number should I use?

For books that are only available on Amazon only the most reliable number to use is Amazon's own ASIN number which you can find in the product details of every book listed on Amazon. Most other retailers use ISBN-13 numbers so if your book has a 13 digit ISBN number then that will offer the widest range of retailers worldwide to your readers.