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Betterworld Books - Better for everybody!


We're loving the ethos of Betterworld Books - buy books, great prices, second-hand books and charity donations. That's a win-win-win-win in our book!

  • Mission: Better World Books aims to connect booklovers globally and promote literacy by selling new and used books at affordable prices.
  • Book Donations: Each purchase helps donate books through non-profit organizations, with over 35 million books donated so far.
  • Literacy Grants: They offer annual grants to libraries and non-profits to support community literacy projects, funded by customer purchases.
  • Environmental Impact: Committed to sustainability, they divert books from landfills, recycle unsellable books, and offer carbon-balanced shipping options.

Better World Books also encourages book donations and provides drop box locations for this purpose. They pride themselves on being B Corp™ certified, reflecting their high standards of social and environmental performance.